Evolution of the environmental monitoring system in a BpX context

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When choosing the installation of an environmental monitoring system (EMS), the analysis often focuses on budgetary aspects, regulatory compliance, data security, alarm notification and editable reports.

But another important aspect often set aside concerns scalability and flexibility. Although monitoring requirements may be limited initially, changes in the specifications or in the monitored activity may require to extend the system either geographically or with the integration of new sensors of different technology. This flexibility and modularity can be translated into significant savings, as the best-fitting solution will allow you to keep a system “validated” against future evolutions of the system and the site.

In order to meet this requirement, the IVTracer product has a built-in, fully automated deployment capability for critical new parameters and interoperability with a large number of sensors on the market.

This fully qualified functionality is based on the automatic program installations and the setting of various components of the infrastructure of data collection (plug & play technology).

This flexibility and ease of extension will enable you, for example, to harmonize the environmental monitoring of all buildings on the same site within the same system and without additional software qualification.