Critical Environmental Monitoring: Focus on Particle Counting

Comptage particulaire

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Clean rooms

The clean rooms, delimited spaces within which the dust classes, temperature, hygrometry and pressures are known and controlled, allow operators to move and handle products sensitive to contamination.

Clean rooms are used in areas sensitive to environmental contamination such as biotechnologies, for the preparation of sterile pharmaceutical products or in hospitals, for operating theatres.

Cleanrooms are classified according to the most important control parameter: the number of particles per unit volume. The US FED STD 209E standard used to use cubic feet, but is now replaced by the ISO 14644-11 standard expressed in cubic meters, which corresponds to the European standard.

All these measurements are made using a measuring device: the particle counter, which determines the cleanroom class (A, B or C).

Particle counters

A particle counter makes it possible to count the number of particles in a given volume and to classify them according to their size.

There are several types of airborne particle counters:

  • so-called “fixed” or “on-line” counters, whose role is to carry out reliable and accurate continuous monitoring of particles at a given location (e.g. production line, clean room). 
  • mobile” or “portable” counters whose role is to take short samples from different parts of the building (e.g. access corridor to a clean room).

Particle counters have digital serial or Ethernet and sometimes analogue (4-20mA) interfaces for retrieving measured data.

Features related to particle counting in IVTracer

IVTracer is a product dedicated to environmental traceability in critical environments, developed since 2001 by NetCeler.

The answers provided by IVTracer to these problems are as follows:

  • integration of “proprietary” digital protocols for counting equipment, which also enables in-depth technical monitoring of the equipment (detection of laser defects, pump defects, etc.);
  • a data acquisition in cubic feet and/or cubic meters according to the standard to be respected;
  • the possibility of being able to remotely activate the meters directly from the application ;
  • pecific management of mobile meters generating measurements in a discontinuous manner (acquisition by sampling).

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