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Specialist in innovative monitoring since 1997

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Since 1997, NetCeler has been designing innovative monitoring solutions for critical industrial environments.

The company combines proven products and recognised business expertise to design solutions tailored to the needs of its customers: visualisation of measurements in real time, data traceability and archiving, system monitoring, process analysis and optimisation, etc.

These solutions integrate all the necessary support services, as well as any specific developments.

success is
based on :

In-depth skills in measurement systems, information systems and software development.

Expertise in the design, project management, deployment and maintenance of monitoring systems.

Expertise in trades related to the qualification of industrial systems.

A range of innovative products inspired by the web and based on the latest technologies

DNA of NetCeler

The founding idea

In 1997, NetCeler was created on the basis of a simple idea: to apply the Internet technologies into the world of technical management and monitoring.

From the outset, the IntraVision platform was at the heart of the company’s strategy. Over the years, this platform has made it possible to pool software building blocks dedicated to monitoring and to put them at the service of a large number of businesses.

A continuously renewed vision

Today, NetCeler continues to base its strategy on strong partnerships with its customers, and on the distribution of proven products that are ready to take the next steps:

Cloud and SaaS, mobile terminals, IoT, wireless networks, BigData and Industry 4.0.

Our Values

Respect for People and Commitments

Our aim is to bring together NetCeler's clients and employees around motivating projects offering mutual development opportunities. Mastery of our commitments is a guarantee of success and the successful completion of our projects.


Our future depends on our ability to adapt to rapidly changing challenges and technology. It constantly depends on our ability to listen and our willingness to exchange with all our customers. NetCeler has a duty to provide fast, reliable and competitive answers.

Sustainable innovation

Innovation is the essence of the NetCeler company and the spirit of its founders. By constantly evolving towards new, effective and original solutions, we prepare the future of our customers and employees and guarantee the sustainability of the company and our solutions.


Technical and financial independence enables us to guarantee the durability of our commitments and solutions, in particular by remaining in control of our lines of action and strategy.


Sharing is first and foremost a state of mind and we encourage it in order to promote exchanges, collaboration and the circulation of information within our teams and with our clients.


Above all, it is a question of remaining pragmatic in the implementation of projects in order to quickly achieve tangible results that meet the needs identified as essential.